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about me

From the time I learned to read I wanted to be a writer, but my life took a lot of detours before I became a full-time story-teller. I majored in English, Anthropology, and Dance at Cornell University, and then I earned a Master of Fine Arts in Dance at the University of Hawaii. I fell in love with Hawaii and lived there for several years, teaching, performing, and choreographing. When I was all danced out I moved back to the east coast, where I worked as a human resource manager for a few different companies.

One of those companies was Borders, where I went to work every day surrounded by books. I rediscovered my passion for writing and I met my husband, who's the only person I've ever known who loves to read as much as I do. 

Now I work from home, usually in my pajamas, and I dread the rare occasions in my writer's life that require dressing as a professional. My family is patient with my absent-mindedness, generous about helping me name characters, and incredibly supportive of the hours I spend hunched over my computer.


My cat, in contrast, is unhelpful to the point of deliberate sabotage, but that's no more than what any cat owner would expect.

Abigail Strom

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